7 thoughts on “The Hipster Hunt

  1. To me, and to most people I know, a
    hipster is someone who prides themself
    on liking something that is unknown or
    unpopuler. Phrases like “You woulden’t
    have heard of it.” – “I liked it before it
    was cool.” – “That is so mainstream” are
    usually assoicated with hipsters. An
    interesting thing about it is quoted on
    Quick meme – Philosoraptor says: “If
    being a hipster is mainstream,
    and I am not a Hipster, does that make
    me a hipster?” Perhaps it does. 😉

    I occiasionally enjoy hunting boheimians.
    Check out my take on renigade art under
    the humor catiegory of my blog – Articles
    intitled – Bohemians at large. I cover every
    thing from cow parade to urban knitting.


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