Hip website…Gizoogle.net

ebonicsRemember a few years back when ‘ebonics‘ was all the rage?

I found this website…Gizoogle.net

You go to it, type in whatever URL or subject you’d like, and it converts the text to ebonics. It is hilarious!

Here’s an example:

A few days ago I posted a hip quote from the Dandy Warhols. It went like this…

So what do you do?
Oh yeah, I wait tables too.
No I haven’t heard your band
Cause you guys are pretty new.
But if you dig on Vegan food.
Well come over to my work
I’ll have them cook you something that you’ll really love.

~ Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols)

Here’s how it turned out after it has been Gizoogled…

So what tha fuck do you do, biatch?
Oh yeah, I wait tablez like a muthafucka.
No I haven’t heard yo’ crew
Cause you pimps is pretty new.
But if you dig on Vegan chicken n’ you know I be eatin up dat shizzle all muthafuckin day, biatch. I be fly as a gangbangin’ falcon, soarin all up in tha sky dawwwwg!
Well come over ta mah work
I’ll have dem cook you suttin’ dat you’ll straight-up love.

~ Courtney Taylor-Taylor (Da Dandy Warhols)

Go ahead and give it a try! Gizoogle.net

Ultimate Hipster….Mustache Cat



Ultimate Hipster‘ kudos goes to The Mustache Cat for sporting the perfect handlebar mustache!

Some of you may remember Mustache Cat from his work modeling for PBR



More awesome PBR pics…enjoy….