If Disney Princesses were Hipsters…

I thought these pictures over at TheGloss.com were very funny.

Hip kids should like them too!


Book review…Hipster Haiku

Here’s what a Haiku is:

1. short Japanese poem: a form of Japanese poetry with 17 syllables in three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, often describing nature or a season
OK…now that everyone knows what that means…I just got done reading the book Hipster Haiku written by Siobhan Adcock.
I enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Hipsters.

Only problem is…it’s extremely short. There is only one Haiku per page, and Haiku are only three short lines each. That means most of the space on each page is blank! It does make the poems look nice though…

Here’s my go at one…

Writing Hipster poetry is hard

It’s important to be witty

Try in the ‘Comments’


New on Netflix…Archer!

I’m a big fan of comics. Loved them as a kid…but kind of tapered off them as I grew older. I’m really happy to see graphic novels and other comics making it to the big screen now. (Watchmen, 300, Marvel/DC…) I get a chance to relive my youth!

I don’t have cable TV at home, but I have had the opportunity to watch a bit of Adult Swim programming on Cartoon Network here and there, and LOVE that cartoons for adults has become widely accepted. In my personal collection I have some Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Bros, and have enjoyed many other shows.

I heard that a show on FX Network called Archer was good, so I checked to see if it was on Netflix…and there it was! Instantly Streaming!

Just got done watching the first season, and this show is great! It’s basically a spoof on the Spy Genre of shows/movies (James Bond, Get Smart, Mission Impossible…) but the main character, Sterling Archer’s Mom is the head of the team. That’s where all the fun begins. The voice cast is awesome. Chris Parnell from SNL has a hilarious part, but everyone is equally fantastic.

Concert update…St Vincent @ National 5-24-12

Excellent hipster band St Vincent will be performing at Richmond, Virginia’s National Theater on Thurs May 24th 2012.

Tickets go on sale Fri Jan 27th. $21 a ticket after you add the service charge.


Now on Netflix…Workaholics!

I’m going to give the HipsterApproved Seal to the show Workaholics which has it’s first season now streaming at Netflix! The show is on Comedy Central if you have cable.

It’s a hip stoner office situation comedy. Since it’s on cable it’s allowed to get pretty wild!

One particular funny thing I heard was someone comparing the character ‘Blake’ to Captain Caveman!

That got me thinking about how much the DJ Skrillex looks like Corey Feldman. Well…when I went to look for pictures of them, I found out I’m not the first person to think so…

This photo of the two of them together proves it's not just one person.

By the way…check out this song that Skrillex made with the members of The Doors called Breakn’ A Sweat.

Jeff Mangum adds dates to tour…

Jeff Mangum, former frontman of ultra-hip band Neutral Milk Hotel has added a few more dates to his current tour…including Coachella.

Unfortunately for me…the closest he’s coming here is the Lincoln Theatre (with the Music Tapes) in Washington, DC next week, Jan 27th and 28th. And as of yet, I have no confirmed plans to attend either show. It appears neither show has two seats together at this time. (Tickets could still be put back into the TicketMaster system until it is officially labeled sold out.) (If someone makes it to a show, and would like to be a contributor…let me know at info@HipsterApproved.net)

While poking around Pitchfork.com I came across this video of a surprise set at Occupy Wall Street in NYC this past Oct. Pretty cool….

Lana Del Rey on SNL

Did you catch ‘internet sensation’ Lana Del Rey on SNL this past Saturday? It seems her performance is being bashed pretty hard. I thought it was OK. I’m not really familiar with her work, so I didn’t have a reference to compare it to. I definitely think she’s a hipster.

I just remembered there’s a free download of her single ‘Born to Die’ still available on iTunes. So you may want to get that.

I heard at the end of the show that on Saturday Feb 4th, Bon Iver is the musical guest. REALLY looking forward to that. If you’re not familiar with Bon Iver, you really owe it to yourself to check it out!

Flickr pics added to HipsterApproved.net


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve started the Flickr account to show some pictures.

I’ve got a bunch on there, but there’s still a lot more to come, so check them out and check back often!

Tell all your friends!!!

Next thing to be added to the site…an eBay store!!!