Flickr pics added to


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve started the Flickr account to show some pictures.

I’ve got a bunch on there, but there’s still a lot more to come, so check them out and check back often!

Tell all your friends!!!

Next thing to be added to the site…an eBay store!!!


Free coffee from Starbucks…


All hipsters like coffee, right? Well…if you’re willing to go ‘mainstream’ and drink Starbucks, I saw this ad that states they are giving out samples of all three of their roasts and if Blonde Roast is your favorite, they’ll give you a free sample to brew a pot of coffee at home.

This all takes place Thurs 1/12 – Sat 1/14 at Starbucks stores everywhere! (*while supplies last)

Check out for more info…


HipsterApproved starting West Coast tour…


It’s time to pack the bags and head out! Leaving the cold comforts of the East Coast and heading west…all the way to Cali.

I may not be able to add Posts to this site as frequently as I would like…but I’m going to take a ton of pictures and will post anything Hip upon my return. I should still be able to check my emails, so if you have a good Post idea or a place for me to check out in the L.A. area, send me a message. The contact info is:

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Free Olivia Tremor Control download


Hey…I keep reading on the net about the new OTC song ‘The Game You Play is in Your Head Parts 1,2,3’ that’s currently for-sale on iTunes, and about the current tour. (Too bad they’re not coming anywhere near me.) They also have a new full-length to be released soon! Really looking forward to that…

I’m a long-time huge fan of them and a lot of the other bands on Elephant 6 Records. But really, Olivia Tremor Control is right up there near the very top.

While surfing Pitchfork, I came across this site with a free download of a live radio show (5 songs, plus an interview). It’s at here ->