HipsterApproved is going to Ireland!

I'm THERE Dude... ~ HipsterApproved.net

I’m THERE Dude… ~ HipsterApproved.net

It’s official…HipsterApproved will be visiting the ‘Motherland’ Ireland. (No…I will not be near the area where Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy was shot.)

I’m going to try to find all the hipsters in this video…I may need the ‘luck of the Irish’.

It may be hard for me to continue with site posts…but I may still be able to post pictures to Instagram and Twitter. I suggest signing up for those if you haven’t already. They are awesome.

Be back soon…

Éirinn go Brách




Hipster zoo animals…


I love these pictures from artist Yago Partal on his site “Zoo Portraits” There’s many more there so check those out.

Remembering Elephant 6

Great book about NMH. It was my first of many from this 33 1/3 series.


In honor of this week’s anniversary of Olivia Tremor Control member Bill Doss’s death, 333Sound takes a brief look back at the Elephant 6 Recording Company (and its extensive family tree).

As Kim Cooper documented in her now iconic 33 1/3 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, something extraordinary was happening in Athens, Georgia, when Jeff Magnum, William Cullen Hart, and Bill Doss emerged in the music scene as Synthetic Flying Machine. Recently transplanted from the small neighboring towns of Ruston and Dubach in Louisiana and already flying under the elusive banner of The Elephant 6 Recording Company, SFM would bring a new, DIY, pop-psychedelic sound to the then predominately grunge landscape of Athens—a musical style (and way of life) that would linger in the community for years to come.

Synthetic Flying Machine flyer, early 90s. Ruston, LA. Synthetic Flying Machine flyer, early 90s, Ruston, LA. From the Neutral Milk Hotel Picture Archive.

By 1997, SFM had…

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