The Black Keys on No Reservations

I was able to check out a little cable TV the other day, and saw a preview that The Black Keys were going to be on a great show on the Travel Channel called Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. I don’t have cable TV, but some episodes are on Netflix …if you have that. You’ll probably have to wait a while for this newer episode to be added to the queue though.

If you are not familiar with the show, I highly recommend it. One thing that I remember Anthony say that I totally agree with is “Be a traveler, not a tourist.” I can relate to that completely. I love to travel, but hate tourist traps. Here’s more info on Anthony ->

I was able to find a clip of the show on YouTube, but you can watch the full episode here->


Hip book review – Look At This F*cking Hipster

This book is excellent. From the beginning to the very last page. I literally was laughing out loud.(I know..sounds cliche, but true) It reminds me a bit of the feature in Vice magazine called DOs and Don’ts which I also recommend.

Not only are the pictures and captions hilarious, but the author Joe Mande makes some very interesting points in the chapters titled; What is a Hipster?, Celebrity Hipsters, Hipsters Through the Ages…and more! You can follow his blog, and submit photos here ->

I will definitely be adding this to the ‘Required Reading’ section for hipster books.

Of Montreal is perfoming at The National 6/13/12

I was afraid this would happen…

I was so happy when The Norva Theater opened here in Norfolk, Virgina. From what I remember…(I can’t be bothered to do any research..geez.) the guy (Bill Reid) that opened it was part of TicketMaster and had a major part of the Virginia Beach Amphitheater being built. I seem to remember he had a falling out with TicketMaster and broke free from them, and I believe won a lawsuit…and with the monies, opened The Norva. ( I love saying ‘monies’!)

After some years of the Norva being very successful (it was named one of the Top 5 Venues in Rolling Stone a few years back), the new owner bought a theater in Richmond, Virgina called The National. I’ve been to the National, and I really like it. I saw Pinback there. It was a former depression-era movie theater, so it has a balcony and is decorated really ornate. It is awesome…But you know what I REALLY like about the Norva (which is basically a box)? It’s 20 minutes from my house!

What I thought would happen is bands would then only perform in Richmond, and not travel all the way to Norfolk for another show. It’s easier to just hang a right after Richmond, and go to North Carolina or a left and go to Philly or New York and the rest of New England. Unfortunately it has come true. I’m not saying it’s the venue owners fault, it just sucks…

Just from the bands that are currently scheduled…here’s what I see:

  • St. Vincent performing at The National in May –  The Norva? No
  • Puscifer performing at The National in June – The Norva? No

Last month Jane’s Addiction played The National. The Norva? No

Some bands, like Clutch, perform at both venues. They rock.

It just sucks driving an hour and a half each way (that’s 3 hours being on the road, round-trip) and you never know what the traffic is like coming thru the Hampton Roads Bridge/Tunnel. You could sit there for a hour and miss the opening band!

Now the latest news is Of Montreal is performing at The National on Wednesday June 13th 2012. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 day of the show (plus fees).

Puscifer coming to The National in Richmond 6-18-12

Puscifer will be performing at The National Theater in the hip city of Richmond, Virginia on Monday June 18th 2012.

Tickets go on-sale Friday April 27 at 10am. Tickets are $35 reserved seat balcony / $30 general admission standing floor (plus fees).

Norfolk Bike Month | Event Schedule 2012

Norfolk Bike Month | Event Schedule.

Local hipsters: Here’s a bike ride from Ocean View Beach/Park over to the East Beach Community, and back again! Sunday May 27th 5pm

I may go with my tandem (not a fixie)…

New Soundgarden song free download on iTunes!

Great to be back at HipsterApproved World Headquarters in scenic Ocean View, Virginia.

Just completed a short visit to the hipster city of Columbus, Ohio. Watch for photos to be posted soon…like this one… mailbox had some cool stuff in it… For example the new Soundgarden song ‘Live To Rise‘ available as a FREE download on iTunes. All hipsters have iTunes, right? The song is great! It’s off of the Avengers soundtrack.

Speaking of iTunes…Jack White is providing streaming of his entire debut album Blunderbuss – free for a limited time. I’ve been listening to it, and I really look forward to getting a copy of my own on April 24th 2012! It’s some of his best work…And that statement is huge!

Also, speaking of great new music…I’ve been listening to a lot of the new Shins release Port of Morrow. It’s genius. I was lucky enough to get the 4-track acoustic EP because I got it at an independent record store (Birdland in Va Beach). I recommend trying to get it.

I really like the Broken Bells release. I basically like all the James Mercer stuff I can find.


“I want to go to there…”

brick and mortar

I was fortunate enough to be able to check out the Kaws exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta last weekend. To learn more about KAWS, feel free to take a read here.

His sitting companion greets you in the plaza upon arrival to the museum.


The exhibit spanned 3 rooms on the top floor of the museum as well as a large painting in the lobby area inside the entrance.



I just really enjoy the vibrant colors that were throughout each of his paintings.







He then had a life sized take of his michelin man figure in reflective black.



They then had a smaller room with many of his famous prints in there as well as some of his limited vinyl figures.


Kate Moss.

Best. Drink. Ever.




Kaws x Kate Moss Topless

Wall of sketches that appeared on graphic tees on his clothing line, Original Fake.



My man, Mr…

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