Bondi Hipsters and the London 2012 Olympics

The Bondi Hipsters are SO FAR ahead of everyone. They are ‘totes’ throwing off the curve.

In case you are able to get to London as well, and need some direction, I found this guide…



Scout Shirt by Bathing Ape

I came across this totally hip Scout shirt being made by Bathing Ape of Japan a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find one on eBay that I can afford.

Because it’s coming from Japan (and also being $hit-cool) this shirt costs hundreds of dollars.

I’d still like to have one.

They come in both long and short sleeves, and a few colors. So that’s awesome.

Can someone please hook me up with one of these shirts? XL or XXL? You can choose the color and style. Email for contact info. I’d love to write a review of this shirt. Thanks!

Hip product review…Hipster Dust

Sorry for the blurry pic..think of it as a filtered Instagram Polaroid.

‘Addictively Natural’ is how the people over at Brooklyn, NY’s Hipster Dust describe their product. I have to say I agree.

So far some of the dishes I have sprinkled it on include, but are not limited too:

  • homemade croutons
  • corn on the cob
  • chicken Alfredo
  • chicken salad
  • fried green tomatoes…

As you can imagine, this list could be endless…

Since it is so Hip to go green/organic, some of that unprocessed ‘healthy’ food can use a bit of a flavor kick. I highly recommend the Dust!

I also love the retro metal tin it comes in! 2 oz.

Please note that this is NOT ‘Hipster Dust’