Bondi Hipsters and the London 2012 Olympics

The Bondi Hipsters are SO FAR ahead of everyone. They are ‘totes’ throwing off the curve.

In case you are able to get to London as well, and need some direction, I found this guide…



2 thoughts on “Bondi Hipsters and the London 2012 Olympics

  1. Your blog is hilarious! I’m not very familiar with London hipsters… how would you say they differ from US West Coast Hipsters? Do you think it’s fair to even compare the two?


    • Thanks for the compliment! Please tell all your friends to check out my blog as well. I’d do the same for yours, but unfortunately I don’t have many friends. I’ll tell some strangers…

      London (or England) is famous for the type of hipsters called ‘Mods’. The males are known to wear well-tailored suits and mop-top haircuts, and the females wear vintage ’60s dresses. (Think ‘Austin Powers’) Mods are also well know for riding scooters from Italy called Vespas.

      England was also a big player in the Punk Rock hipsters (Sex Pistols) and ‘Oi!’ hipsters.

      I’m sure you can also find EuroTrash hipsters there, as well as Ravers.

      Thanks again!


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