American Hipster goes viral on YouTube

The American Hipster Channel is up and running on YouTube.

First there was the teaser trailer ….

I enjoyed the premier video on San Francisco’s Bon Vivants. It was well shot, and looked like a fun time. I look forward to more from this American Hipster series.

The Hipster Grandmas were horrible. It’s very sophomoric and amateurish. One person is made up to look old, the other is in drag and made to look old. Avoid.

Max’s Movie Reviews started slow…he reviewed a ‘Cult Classic’ Mad Max, and I thought all his reviews would be old movies. His latest review is of the Hunger Games, so he’s up-to-date now. This series is pretty funny.

The latest…which has gone viral is the Eat It Don’t Tweet It video that American Hipster made with The Key of Awesome. The song and video remind me of the Bondi Hipsters who just put their video out called The Life Organic on YouTube as well.

Here’s the outtakes from the making of the video…

This channel is one more step in the attempt to move television viewing to a more specified audience via the web instead of network TV… Though I’m sure you’ll still be seeing all the majors with a .com after their name as well. They are The Man and all.

Also..this just in…the Hipster Grandmas made a video to reply to comments left on their channel. You’ll see that they talk about the HipsterApproved comment first.



Hipster Boombox

I came across this story on the internet about this Hipster Boombox.

This is basically a docking station for an iPod/iPhone made entirely out of cardboard (except for a few wires, and speakers, and batteries and stuff.)

Check out the cool video here. You can own one for $50.

You also may like this one here.

I think they’re pretty SWEET!

Record Store Day April 21, 2012

I just wanted to let all the Hipsters know that Record Store Day is coming up. It is Saturday April 21, 2012.

Our local stores that are participating are Skinnies in Norfolk, AFK Records, and Birdland in Va Beach. Oh yeah…and Fantasy in Newport News. I think everyone, not just Hipsters, should support our local record stores. There’s a great documentary I saw about this subject called ‘I Need That Record!‘ that I recommend you see.

While checking out the RSD site I came across this awesome video released by KCRW about vinyl records that I found very entertaining because I understand where these guys are coming from…

Please support local businesses, or we’ll be taken over by the Man…in a big box.

Reminder…Black Keys tomorrow @ the Ted

Hey…just wanted to send a reminder to those hipsters that wait to get their ticket until the day of the show…the Black Keys are at the Ted Constant Center in Norfolk, VA tomorrow March 23 2012. Tickets are a whopping  $47.50 or $42.50 depending on where you sit. Yikes!

This is on the Ted’s website:

“Make sure to come out early for our Rockin’ Pre Show prior to The Black Keys Concert! Party starts at 6:00pm and will be located outside on the plaza of The Constant Center. Food and beverage will be available for purchase. Live music, corn hole and fun entertainment for all will be provided!
The first 250 fans to the Pre Show will also get a free guitar pick! Don’t miss your chance to walk away with some awesome gear!”

I also highly recommend watching the opening band, the Arctic Monkeys.

If someone could get me on the guest-list (plus 1?), I’d love to write a review of the show. Just send me an email to for info. Thanks!

The Black Keys - Norfolk, VA


Hipster quote…


“See the hipsters in the park

Hair so styled, clothes so dark

Prefab molded hamburgers

I don’t want a bite of yours

These burgers are crazy.”

-Adam Green of The Moldy Peaches

‘These Burgers’

Sydney’s ‘Bondi Hipsters’

This is hilarious! Some of these had me literally laughing out loud. There are many other videos here.

“What do you get when you take a hobo, add some Emo, a touch of metro??? A Hipster!”


Local news…Neko Case @ National 7/13/12

I love this wallpaper!

Virginia’s own, Neko Case is performing at The National Theater in downtown Richmond, VA.

The show is Friday July 13th 2012 and tickets are $22.50 (plus fees) in advance or $25 (+) the day of the show.

I love Neko in her band The New Pornographers!