Hip Local News…Sleigh Bells @ the Norva Theater

I saw that The Norva added Sleigh Bells to their concert line-up on Saturday Oct 6th. Tickets are $20 (+ fees) in advance. (They are also playing The National Theater in Richmond the next day, Oct 7th)

I’m not really familiar with Sleigh Bells. The most I’ve heard them is when they were on SNL last year, and they didn’t seem like ‘my-cup-of-tea’. They kind of remind me of the ’90s band Curve ( and maybe Garbage).

I wasn’t even going to add them to the Local Calendar until I saw them listed in this article in LAweekly.com called The 20 Worst Hipster Bands.

Here’s what LAweekly has to say about them:

#18. Sleigh Bells

Remember in 2010, when we all lost our collective minds over these guys, with their iPod beats, garage-metal guitars and schoolyard-chant vocals? It was, like, the most original sound ever! Then the second album came out and everyone was more like, “Huh. Actually, this kinda sounds like shit.” Also, Alexis Krauss started wearing her own band merch at shows, which you’re really only allowed to do if you’re Morrissey.

-Andy Hermann

The LAweekly article is funny as hell, but I don’t agree with most of the bands on the list. I mean…they have Bon Iver as the #1 worst band! Everyone knows they’re awesome.

So I think Sleigh Bells being on the list of the Worst Bands makes them kind of hip. I’d even be willing to go check them out (if someone can hook me up with a guest pass (plus one?)) Email me for contact info.


Hip Quote…Optiganally Yours – Held


He tries the local coffee shop ’cause they’re open all night long
But all the cliques and clubs there drive him mad
He watches all the scooter boys and their ugly fringe-chick girls
And prays that a great rain will come again

Rob Crow

Hip local news…Embrace The Culture @ Town Point Park

Norfolk Festevents Announces The Inaugural
Norfolk’s Indie Music & Arts Festival

Saturday, September 8, 2012
Town Point Park, Downtown Norfolk, VA Waterfront
Free & Open to the Public

Norfolk Festevents announced today the emergence of the Inaugural ETC: Norfolk’s Indie Music & Arts Festival – amplified by the 96X Late, Late Rock Show on Saturday, September 8, 2012 from 12pm-9pm in Town Point Park on the Downtown Norfolk, VA Waterfront! The festival Embraces The Culture (ETC) of local, regional and national artists on multiple stages along the Elizabeth River while offering local culinary, visual and salvage artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their own talents. ETC is free and everyone is welcome.

Formerly the Acoustic Music Festival, ETC has revitalized the fall festival and aims to focus the event on all aspects of the music and arts world to include musical art, visual art, culinary art, performing art, ETC. ETC festival-goers will enjoy the melodic music of the performers, the bustling brilliance of Buskers sprinkled throughout the park, the fabulous flavors from the Food Truck food court, the interesting ideologies of Independent Authors, ETC, ETC.

While taking in all ETC has to offer, be sure to explore the original and repurpose-style retail marketplace located in Festival Field. From handmade jewelry and salvage art to pottery and paintings, the marketplace comes alive with local artisans creating and selling beautiful pieces of artwork for guests to enjoy and take home. Ramble over to the Lawn Games in East Lawn where guests of all ages can participate in a game of hacky sack, can jam, hula hoops, ETC. Finally stop by the one-of-a-kind ETC Food Truck Food Court serving up culinary creations to include wraps, burgers, fusion fair, ETC, ETC. Wash it all down with a cool Italian ice or frosty adult beverages while enjoying the enigmatic exuberance of ETC.

Hip Book…A Field Guide to the Urban Hipster

A Comprehensive Guide to Identifying More than 35 Species of Urban Hipsters

Like most wildlife, Urban Hipsters offer valuable and entertaining opportunities for observation and study. To date, casual students of wild Hipsters have been left without a tattooed ankle to stand on, as even the simple tasks of identifying and classifying each species have never been completed.  The Hip, though simpleminded, are wily.
Now, however, this cutting-edge manual by world-renowned hipthologist and dinner-party favorite Josh Aiello allows even the most amateur of observers to differentiate a Mod (Angophilia dandyum) from a Punk (Rebellium ostentatia), to identify the velvet rope-circumvention abilities unique to EuroTrash, and to recognize the symptoms of Ex-Frat–carried Loafer-and-Wallet Disease with confidence and ease.  A Field Guide to the Urban Hipster covers mating habits, the origins of species, and natural habitats for all species one may encounter, regardless of terrain.
The result of over ten dateless years spent in the field, A Field Guide to the Urban Hipster is sure to educate and delight for generations to come.  Lavishly illustrated by former pet caricaturist Matthew Shultz, this comprehensive guide is the ultimate handbook for the urban observer.

A great book to help understand what a hipster is. Take the quiz to find out what type of hipster you are.

This is the first book I’ve read where they state there are many types of hipsters, including (but not limited to..):

  • Goths
  • Punk Rockers
  • Hippies
  • Outlaw Bikers
  • Thugz…

I’ve always thought that these types of people where their own type, and not part of a ‘hipster’ classification. It seems there are hipster ‘groups’. And after reading this book, I agree.

I don’t mean to sound so serious…it’s all in fun really. This book is highly recommended because it’s very funny AND it makes you think. The illustrations are awesome as well! You should really check it out.

Hip Films…Beastie Boys – Horseplay

I came across this unauthorized (but very good) video about the Beastie Boys.

Though there is no Beastie Boys music on it, it has a lot of great interviews. Definitely worth checking out…

Here’s what it says on Vimeo about it:

An unauthorized documentary film packed with exclusive interviews

Hailing from NYC, the Beastie Boys have somehow managed to stay at the top for almost 20 years. Starting off as a Punk outfit, they soon changed direction and exploded in the mid 80’s as foul-mouthed novelty rappers. They have supported Madonna, made spoof music videos, learned to play instruments, gone back to their roots and more recently have been involved in political and social issues. This is the band who have done it all! Nobody expected the Beastie Boys to last, but they’ve matured into one of the most intriguing and influential acts on the planet.

‘Beastie Boys: Horseplay’ tells their incredible story, via interviews, rare footage and much, much more. From the start these boys were labeled as ‘no-hopes’, those least likely to survive the struggle to the top – but they proved their critics wrong. In a tale of break dancing, beer cans and Buddhism, you can only expect one thing – the unexpected.


And if you like that you have got to check out the infomercial for the ‘Action Suit’ by Mike D‘s X-Large Clothing.

Hip Music…Lollapalooza Aug 3rd, 4th, & 5th

Today starts the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, Illinois. I’m pretty bummed I can’t be there, but they are doing a live webcast on YouTube. I’m going to check that out. Here’s a link to their channel –> YouTube

Looks like a great line-up. I used to see Lollapalooza every year (sometimes in more than one city each year) when it was still a touring festival. Turns out Perry Farrell, the founder, didn’t like playing in the corporate owned amphitheaters. Good for him, but bad for me because I don’t get to the Chicago area that much. I have it on my Bucket List though.

Can’t believe it’s twenty years old now. I’ve seen the tour first in Cleveland, Ohio..then Columbus, Ohio…Virginia Beach and the Washington, DC area. Good times…

I’ve seen the shows in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, missed the 1996 show, but saw it again in 1997. Lollapalooza then took a five year break. I went again in 2003. I had tickets to the 2004 show, but that was cancelled, and that’s when the festival was permanently moved to Chicago. Haven’t seen it since then.