Hip Book…A Field Guide to the Urban Hipster

A Comprehensive Guide to Identifying More than 35 Species of Urban Hipsters

Like most wildlife, Urban Hipsters offer valuable and entertaining opportunities for observation and study. To date, casual students of wild Hipsters have been left without a tattooed ankle to stand on, as even the simple tasks of identifying and classifying each species have never been completed.  The Hip, though simpleminded, are wily.
Now, however, this cutting-edge manual by world-renowned hipthologist and dinner-party favorite Josh Aiello allows even the most amateur of observers to differentiate a Mod (Angophilia dandyum) from a Punk (Rebellium ostentatia), to identify the velvet rope-circumvention abilities unique to EuroTrash, and to recognize the symptoms of Ex-Frat–carried Loafer-and-Wallet Disease with confidence and ease.  A Field Guide to the Urban Hipster covers mating habits, the origins of species, and natural habitats for all species one may encounter, regardless of terrain.
The result of over ten dateless years spent in the field, A Field Guide to the Urban Hipster is sure to educate and delight for generations to come.  Lavishly illustrated by former pet caricaturist Matthew Shultz, this comprehensive guide is the ultimate handbook for the urban observer.

A great book to help understand what a hipster is. Take the quiz to find out what type of hipster you are.

This is the first book I’ve read where they state there are many types of hipsters, including (but not limited to..):

  • Goths
  • Punk Rockers
  • Hippies
  • Outlaw Bikers
  • Thugz…

I’ve always thought that these types of people where their own type, and not part of a ‘hipster’ classification. It seems there are hipster ‘groups’. And after reading this book, I agree.

I don’t mean to sound so serious…it’s all in fun really. This book is highly recommended because it’s very funny AND it makes you think. The illustrations are awesome as well! You should really check it out.