Hip quote…Canteen Boy and the Scout Master disclamer





Hip quote…Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols


So what do you do?
Oh yeah, I wait tables too.
No I haven’t heard your band
Cause you guys are pretty new.
But if you dig on Vegan food.
Well come over to my work
I’ll have them cook you something that you’ll really love.

~ Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols)

Hip book review…A Hipster Joke Book

a hipster joke bookI picked up A Hipster Joke Book (written by someone you’ve probably never heard of) at the clearance table at Urban Outfitters the other day.

It was on sale for $2. It’s originally marked as being $8. I’d say it’s worth the $2 as a conversation piece and to add to my hipster book collection. If I had paid the original price, I would feel very ripped off.

There is only one joke per page, so there’s only around 50 jokes. You could probably read the whole thing standing at the shelf in the store.

The best of all the jokes I’ve heard before. And I’ve posted it on this blog before…You may remember it?

Q: How did the hipster burn his mouth?

A: He drank coffee before it was cool.

One other good joke was (sorry to be a spoiler)…

Q: Why didn’t the hipster listen to his parents?

A: Because he only listens to vinyl.

Most of the other jokes are pretty stupid and really reaching for hipster humor.

I can’t really recommend this book unless you get it very cheap. You can probably find a lot better jokes by just searching for ‘Hipster Jokes’ on Google.

National Bike to Work Week ~ May 13 – 17

bike_to_workEveryone knows that Hipsters love bikes. This week is a perfect opportunity to let your Hipster ‘Freak Flag’ fly!


Here’s some of the bicycling benefits:

  • Bicycle commuters get to work on time and are often happier and more productive.
  • Eighty percent of people who switch to biking to work improve their heart, lungs, and blood vessels greatly in six to eight weeks.
  • Biking to work helps save on parking fees, fuel costs and automobile maintenance.
  • Workers that commute to work in metropolitan areas don’t have to search for parking spots.


Local Calendar Update…Neutral Milk Hotel @ The National (Richmond) 10/12/13

Just announced:

The hippest indie band of all time, Neutral Milk Hotel (Jeff Mangum, Jeremy Barnes, Scott Spillane, & Julian Koster) will be performing at the beautiful National Theater in downtown Richmond Virginia on Saturday October 12, 2013. Tickets go on-sale this Friday May 10th at 10:am EST. Tickets will be $40 after the service fees.

Also, I was able to make it to a couple of our local shows here in Norfolk Virginia, at one of my favorite venues – The Norva Theater.

Alice In Chains @ Norva 5/6/13 ~ HipsterApproved.net

Alice In Chains @ Norva 5/6/13 ~ HipsterApproved.net

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Band of Horses @ Norva 5/7/13 ~ HipsterApproved.net

Band of Horses

Band of Horses @ Norva 5/7/13 ~ HipsterApproved.net

Band of Horses @ Norva 5/7/13 ~ HipsterApproved.net