St. Vincent to perform on SNL this Saturday

St. Vincent is scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live on 5/17/14.

By the way…you should check out this clip with Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent) being interviewed for Guitar Moves. (I love all the other Guitar Moves clips. You should watch those too!)

You can listen to her new release here…


Hip Local News…Sleigh Bells @ the Norva Theater

I saw that The Norva added Sleigh Bells to their concert line-up on Saturday Oct 6th. Tickets are $20 (+ fees) in advance. (They are also playing The National Theater in Richmond the next day, Oct 7th)

I’m not really familiar with Sleigh Bells. The most I’ve heard them is when they were on SNL last year, and they didn’t seem like ‘my-cup-of-tea’. They kind of remind me of the ’90s band Curve ( and maybe Garbage).

I wasn’t even going to add them to the Local Calendar until I saw them listed in this article in called The 20 Worst Hipster Bands.

Here’s what LAweekly has to say about them:

#18. Sleigh Bells

Remember in 2010, when we all lost our collective minds over these guys, with their iPod beats, garage-metal guitars and schoolyard-chant vocals? It was, like, the most original sound ever! Then the second album came out and everyone was more like, “Huh. Actually, this kinda sounds like shit.” Also, Alexis Krauss started wearing her own band merch at shows, which you’re really only allowed to do if you’re Morrissey.

-Andy Hermann

The LAweekly article is funny as hell, but I don’t agree with most of the bands on the list. I mean…they have Bon Iver as the #1 worst band! Everyone knows they’re awesome.

So I think Sleigh Bells being on the list of the Worst Bands makes them kind of hip. I’d even be willing to go check them out (if someone can hook me up with a guest pass (plus one?)) Email me for contact info.

The Shins on SNL….

The Shins new line-up were great on Saturday Night Live last night.

Their new release, Port Of Morrow is coming to iTunes March 20th.

This just in…iTunes is letting you listen to the entire album for free…

From now until March 20, stream Port of Morrow for free. Anchored by the propulsive, harmony-heavy ‘Simple Song,’ The Shins’ fourth album showcases the kind of finely tuned songwriting strengths and ’60s-era arrangements that make the music of James Mercer so compelling. You can also pre-order the new album.



Did you catch Jack White on SNL last night?

So were you able to watch Saturday Night Live last night to see Jack White perform songs from his forthcoming solo release ‘Blunderbuss’?

I think he was great! The first song he played was ‘Love Interruption’, the single that is currently available on iTunes. The song is an acoustic duet with Ruby Amanfu. Jack’s backing band was all female for this song.

The second song of the night was a rocker called ‘Sixteen Saltines’. This time Jack was on electric guitar with an all male backing band. At times his drummer would rock SO HARD that he had to stand up! You must check it out…

I would post the videos for the songs here, but NBC has some strict rules on copyrights and YouTube, so they are unavailable. I can only show you the hilarious promos for the show (Andy Samberg = comic genius), but you can see the two songs performed here at -> &

One more thing…next week, March 10th…musical guest The Shins! With guest host Jonah Hill. Sounds like a good one!

Jack White on SNL March 3rd!

Just got a message from Third Man Records letting me know that ultimate Hipster Jack White will be performing two songs from his new debut solo release called Blunberbuss on Saturday Night Live March 3rd. The first single ‘Love Interruption’ is available on iTunes now. The full release will be April 23rd.

Tracy Morgan coming to Va Beach Funny Bone Feb 16 – Feb 19 2012

Tracy Morgan, one of the stars of the totally hip TV show 30 Rock is performing at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Virginia Beach’s Town Center Thurs Feb 16th to Sun Feb 19th.

Tracy is scheduled for one show at 8pm on Thur, but has two shows on Fri, Sat, and Sun (times vary). Tickets are $45 and are in the ‘Full Menu Showroom’. Which I guess means the ‘Big Room’…I’ve never actual been to this Funny Bone location. I’ve been to one in a different city, and it was always a great time. If someone could comp me tickets to this show, that would be great. I’d love to write a review.

Get ahold of me at