Hip music…The Little Drummer Boy’s Greatest Hits





Hip Local News…Sleigh Bells @ the Norva Theater

I saw that The Norva added Sleigh Bells to their concert line-up on Saturday Oct 6th. Tickets are $20 (+ fees) in advance. (They are also playing The National Theater in Richmond the next day, Oct 7th)

I’m not really familiar with Sleigh Bells. The most I’ve heard them is when they were on SNL last year, and they didn’t seem like ‘my-cup-of-tea’. They kind of remind me of the ’90s band Curve ( and maybe Garbage).

I wasn’t even going to add them to the Local Calendar until I saw them listed in this article in LAweekly.com called The 20 Worst Hipster Bands.

Here’s what LAweekly has to say about them:

#18. Sleigh Bells

Remember in 2010, when we all lost our collective minds over these guys, with their iPod beats, garage-metal guitars and schoolyard-chant vocals? It was, like, the most original sound ever! Then the second album came out and everyone was more like, “Huh. Actually, this kinda sounds like shit.” Also, Alexis Krauss started wearing her own band merch at shows, which you’re really only allowed to do if you’re Morrissey.

-Andy Hermann

The LAweekly article is funny as hell, but I don’t agree with most of the bands on the list. I mean…they have Bon Iver as the #1 worst band! Everyone knows they’re awesome.

So I think Sleigh Bells being on the list of the Worst Bands makes them kind of hip. I’d even be willing to go check them out (if someone can hook me up with a guest pass (plus one?)) Email me for contact info.

Record Store Day April 21, 2012

I just wanted to let all the Hipsters know that Record Store Day is coming up. It is Saturday April 21, 2012.

Our local stores that are participating are Skinnies in Norfolk, AFK Records, and Birdland in Va Beach. Oh yeah…and Fantasy in Newport News. I think everyone, not just Hipsters, should support our local record stores. There’s a great documentary I saw about this subject called ‘I Need That Record!‘ that I recommend you see.

While checking out the RSD site I came across this awesome video released by KCRW about vinyl records that I found very entertaining because I understand where these guys are coming from…

Please support local businesses, or we’ll be taken over by the Man…in a big box.

Sydney’s ‘Bondi Hipsters’

This is hilarious! Some of these had me literally laughing out loud. There are many other videos here.

“What do you get when you take a hobo, add some Emo, a touch of metro??? A Hipster!”


Hip book review…The Overrated Book

Just got done reading this huge book Chunklet presents The Overrated Book. Took me a while. It says this book weighs two pounds! It’s about 205 pages. This book is hilarious and not only would hipsters like this, but also rockers, punks, emos, as well as film geeks. Pretty much all music fans.

I’m not sure how I found out about this book, and I’ve never heard of the magazine, Chunklet, out of Athens, Georgia until I found this book. From what I understand, this is a collection of stories that have appeared in the magazine in the past. So it’s all new to me… And I plan on reading their other books as well.

The editor over at Chunklet is Henry H. Owings, and this book has a forward by Patton Oswalt.

When doing a search about this book, I came across these videos made by Henry that are awesome! They are about taking a group of Boy Scouts to the ‘hip SXSW Fest to obtain their ‘Rock ‘N Roll Merit Badge’. Check them out…


The audio in the 3rd video is messed up, but you still get the idea.