Alice In Chains, Band of Horses and Pinback added to the Local Calendar

Hip local News:

Sean Kinney w/some HipsterAlice In Chains is scheduled to perform at The Norva Theater in beautiful downtown Norfolk, Virginia on Sunday May 5th. Tickets are $45 in advance (plus svc charge).

BOHBand of Horses will also be at The Norva Theater on Tue May 27th. Tickets are $27.50 in advance.

ZachPinback will be in downtown Richmond, VA on Saturday March 16th at the Canal Club. Tickets are $18 in advance. (March 16th is also the date of the Ocean View St Patrick’s Day Parade…So…don’t drink and drive.)

Pinback – Information Retrieved out today 10/16/12

Total hipster band Pinback have released their new full-release ‘Information Retrieved‘ today on Temporary Residence Ltd. From what I’ve heard, it sounds great. For some reason I didn’t get a promo copy?

It is available on for just $3.99

Hip Quote…Optiganally Yours – Held


He tries the local coffee shop ’cause they’re open all night long
But all the cliques and clubs there drive him mad
He watches all the scooter boys and their ugly fringe-chick girls
And prays that a great rain will come again

Rob Crow

Rob Crow – He Thinks He’s People CD review

I was able to listen to this Rob Crow CD while on a road trip recently, so I’m finally able to write a review.

First off, I have to say that this CD is better then 99% of the new music that’s being released today. I love all the stuff Rob Crow is in, and there’s many. There was just something about this CD that I couldn’t put my finger on…

If you listen to the song that’s posted above, Sophistructure, you’ll see that this is a great album. Though I do think that this is the most ‘catchiest’ song (probably because of the bass line). I was thinking that this CD doesn’t have as many catchie ‘hooks’ as Rob’s 2006 CD, Living Well. Listen to the song, If Wade Would Call, and I think you’ll see what I mean–>

I realized that He Thinks He’s People is not a bad’s that Living Well is genius. In the same way that the Pinback releases are. It’s just nearly impossible to top that.

I think from listening to He Thinks He’s People, I missed Zach Smith. Zach is the bass player for Rob Crow’s band, Pinback. But after seeing Pinback perform live, I realized that Zach is one of the BEST bass players EVER, and he does a pretty fair amount of the singing. So Zach’s absence may be a reason I was so hung up on Rob’s He Thinks He’s People release.

Check out these Pinback videos I found on Youtube. Be sure to check out Zach’s bass playing, and how much they both sing.

Here’s a cool video with Rob clean shaven. Rare nowadays! Also notice that they are both playing basses!


Fucking Hipsters!

Some hipster fan and Rob Crow

Rob Crow CD review on the way….


I just got in the new CD from ‘hipster’ Rob Crow (of Pinback) called ‘He Thinks He’s People’ from Temporary Residence Limited Records.

I only got to give it a quick listen. So far…I’m not sure what to write about it. I think it requires some repeated listening. No hooks sticking as of yet…

Have you heard it? Anyone else have something they’d like to say about the new release? Email it to me or post a comment. I’d like to hear it!

One more thing…when I did my search on Google for Rob Crow, I came across this TV commercial for Kingsford Charcoal that uses a Rob Crow cover song. He plays a very cool slowed down version of Human League’s (Keep Feeling) Fascination. Turns out the full song is available as a free download. I recommend getting it. –>here