Hip Films…Beastie Boys – Horseplay

I came across this unauthorized (but very good) video about the Beastie Boys.

Though there is no Beastie Boys music on it, it has a lot of great interviews. Definitely worth checking out…

Here’s what it says on Vimeo about it:

An unauthorized documentary film packed with exclusive interviews

Hailing from NYC, the Beastie Boys have somehow managed to stay at the top for almost 20 years. Starting off as a Punk outfit, they soon changed direction and exploded in the mid 80’s as foul-mouthed novelty rappers. They have supported Madonna, made spoof music videos, learned to play instruments, gone back to their roots and more recently have been involved in political and social issues. This is the band who have done it all! Nobody expected the Beastie Boys to last, but they’ve matured into one of the most intriguing and influential acts on the planet.

‘Beastie Boys: Horseplay’ tells their incredible story, via interviews, rare footage and much, much more. From the start these boys were labeled as ‘no-hopes’, those least likely to survive the struggle to the top – but they proved their critics wrong. In a tale of break dancing, beer cans and Buddhism, you can only expect one thing – the unexpected.


And if you like that you have got to check out the infomercial for the ‘Action Suit’ by Mike D‘s X-Large Clothing.


1 thought on “Hip Films…Beastie Boys – Horseplay

  1. Great piece. Love the Boyz. So sad re: MCA’s passing, but so glad the BBs were such a big part of my adolescence and college experience, and that as I grew and “matured,” they did too. Their social activism has been inspiring in recent years.


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