American Hipster goes viral on YouTube

The American Hipster Channel is up and running on YouTube.

First there was the teaser trailer ….

I enjoyed the premier video on San Francisco’s Bon Vivants. It was well shot, and looked like a fun time. I look forward to more from this American Hipster series.

The Hipster Grandmas were horrible. It’s very sophomoric and amateurish. One person is made up to look old, the other is in drag and made to look old. Avoid.

Max’s Movie Reviews started slow…he reviewed a ‘Cult Classic’ Mad Max, and I thought all his reviews would be old movies. His latest review is of the Hunger Games, so he’s up-to-date now. This series is pretty funny.

The latest…which has gone viral is the Eat It Don’t Tweet It video that American Hipster made with The Key of Awesome. The song and video remind me of the Bondi Hipsters who just put their video out called The Life Organic on YouTube as well.

Here’s the outtakes from the making of the video…

This channel is one more step in the attempt to move television viewing to a more specified audience via the web instead of network TV… Though I’m sure you’ll still be seeing all the majors with a .com after their name as well. They are The Man and all.

Also..this just in…the Hipster Grandmas made a video to reply to comments left on their channel. You’ll see that they talk about the HipsterApproved comment first.



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