New on Netflix…Archer!

I’m a big fan of comics. Loved them as a kid…but kind of tapered off them as I grew older. I’m really happy to see graphic novels and other comics making it to the big screen now. (Watchmen, 300, Marvel/DC…) I get a chance to relive my youth!

I don’t have cable TV at home, but I have had the opportunity to watch a bit of Adult Swim programming on Cartoon Network here and there, and LOVE that cartoons for adults has become widely accepted. In my personal collection I have some Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Bros, and have enjoyed many other shows.

I heard that a show on FX Network called Archer was good, so I checked to see if it was on Netflix…and there it was! Instantly Streaming!

Just got done watching the first season, and this show is great! It’s basically a spoof on the Spy Genre of shows/movies (James Bond, Get Smart, Mission Impossible…) but the main character, Sterling Archer’s Mom is the head of the team. That’s where all the fun begins. The voice cast is awesome. Chris Parnell from SNL has a hilarious part, but everyone is equally fantastic.


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