Local Calendar Update: The New Pornographers @ National 2/14/15 Valentine’s Day


"I want to go to there..." ~ HipsterApproved.net

“I want to go to there…” ~ HipsterApproved.net

Hip concert review…Clutch at The Norva 9/26/14

clutchGreat show by Clutch this past weekend at the Norva Theater in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

Unfortunately I’m having difficulty with my camera…so I thought I’d at least post these photos I took with my phone. It was an awesome show! Enjoy!

(Thanks to Libby at MSO for the passes! Sorry about the pictures.)

Local Calendar reminder…Clutch live tonight at the Norva 9/26/14

Just a reminder…Hip band Clutch is performing at the Norva Theater in downtown Norfolk, Virginia tonight. Tickets are still on-sale, and are also available at the door.

I don’t have definite plans to go to this show as of yet, but if someone could hook me up with a comp ticket or two, that would be great! I’d love to write up a review of this show. Get a hold of me at HipsterApproved@gmail.com

HipsterApproved is going to Ireland!

I'm THERE Dude... ~ HipsterApproved.net

I’m THERE Dude… ~ HipsterApproved.net

It’s official…HipsterApproved will be visiting the ‘Motherland’ Ireland. (No…I will not be near the area where Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy was shot.)

I’m going to try to find all the hipsters in this video…I may need the ‘luck of the Irish’.

It may be hard for me to continue with site posts…but I may still be able to post pictures to Instagram and Twitter. I suggest signing up for those if you haven’t already. They are awesome.

Be back soon…

Éirinn go Brách