Hipsters on TV….Pawn Stars

I’ve been watching a ton of Pawn Stars (http://www.gspawn.com/) on Netflix lately. I don’t have cable, so I’ve never had access to the History Channel. I’ve seen a show here and there when I’ve visited friends or family, but now with Netflix streaming…there’s three seasons available to watch instantly. That’s around 90 shows.

The History Channel has these really cool reality shows like Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and American Pickers. A & E Channel has Storage Wars. All really cool shows, and I never would have described myself as a ‘Reality TV’ fan.

Anyway…I think that the Old Man in Pawn Stars is the hippest dude on TV right now. The shop clown, Chumlee is probably the second hippest guy on TV. I just caught an episode where some guy (probably a hipster) brings in a bike with a giant wheel and a small one to sell. You know…those vintage bikes? Check it out here when Chumlee tries to explain to the Old Man what a ‘Hipster’ is…



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