Hipsters on film….

Just read this article called ‘7 Hipster Movies You Don’t Have To Be A Hipster To Love‘ here on ScreenJunkies.com

I agree with all the movies on the list, which is:

  1. Lost in Translation (I really like all of Sofia Coppola’s films. They all have a pretty awesome soundtrack, and when you pair a good movie with good music…nothing gets better.)
  2. Juno (This movie made me realize what a great actress Ellen Paige is. And of course Michael Cera is the ultimate Hipster.)
  3. 500 Days of Summer (This movie is a romantic comedy, which I usually don’t care for…but I love Zooey Deschanel. Joseph Gordon-Levit is an excellent actor as well…great cast.)
  4. The Royal Tenenbaums (Again…all of director Wes Anderson’s films should be on this list.)
  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Director Michel Gondry started his career directing some awesome music videos. He does wild effects without the use of CGI. I really like some of his films…others..not so much.)
  6. Little Miss Sunshine (I really like this film. Alan Arkin stole the show.)
  7. Pineapple Express (I don’t know if I would call this a ‘hipster’ film as much as I would call it a ‘stoner’ film. From what I heard, someone loved the Brad Pitt character ‘Floyd’ so much in True Romance, that he wanted to see a full-length feature of him, hence this film was made.)

I think this list could be a lot longer than just 7 movies…they left out Clerks for God’s sake! Add a hipster film you really like in the comments. OK?


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