Ultimate Hipster

How many hipster things can you spot in this picture?


5 thoughts on “Ultimate Hipster

  1. Wow..wish I was as cool as that guy..PS, I’m not really a hipster, so I’m not sure what to look for..sry, wish I could participate 🙂


  2. 1) In a bar during daylight, flouting societal norms.
    2) Retro goatee and hair.
    3) Suede coat.
    4) Smokes (probably American Spirits or cloves).
    5) Reading local alternative newspaper.
    6) Playing records. (ancient CDs)
    7) Listening to originally lame but now kitsch music recommended by Pitchfork.
    8) In public.
    9) Ignoring his girlfriend.
    10) Girlfriend drinks specialty craft beer. (He is probably waiting for a Pabst.
    11) Penny-loafers.

    12) Not sure: Rodenstock sunglasses on an iPhone?
    13) Probably in a band.


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