Liebster Award

Congrats’ and THANKS to ‘Every Record Tells a Story’ for The Liebster Award! Be sure to give his blog a read…

Every record tells a story

As part of this blogging lark, one of the occupational hazards is that other bloggers will read your stuff (hopefully) and lavish praise (always nice) and bestow awards upon you (like the Oscars – oh they’re meaningless really – until you get one).

So I was very pleased to receive an award (my third! Woohoo!) from the most excellent and very talented sketch artist blogger Chuck Cottrell at Sketches From Memory. His blog is a regular source of wit and he’s prolifically funny and prolifically prolific, if that’s something anyone can be. You can check out his blog at Sketches From Memory here.

The award given is The Liebster Award. No, me neither.

The rules are that you have to answer a few questions, and pass on the award to a few other well-deserving bloggers by setting them some questions of your own. It’s like setting an exam…

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