Hip book review…Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

rock_your_ugly_christmas_sweater_cover_1_mediumThis is manly a picture book, so it’s kind of hard to write much about it…but I really enjoyed it. I think you will too. It’s amazing how many Hipsters are pictured in the book. That must be because Hipsters always love a good excuse to party and get drunk. There’s an excellent book/website called ‘Stuff White People Like’ that I think is really more about Hipsters than white people, but he wrote about ugly sweaters here.

This book was published in 2012. Here’s what Amazon has to say about it:

“This fun and portable gift book includes 200+ full-color photos of people in hilariously awful Christmas sweaters accompanied by funny captions. Some of the amazing categories include festive fun, vintage ugly, homemade hits and misses, pets rocking ugly Christmas sweaters, and much more.”

Hipster SweaterHipster Sweater memepbr beer sweater



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