Hip quote…Chino Moreno (Deftones – Minus Blindfold)

“Done feeding, I leaned back head rested on the couch’s top
Must leave the house soon mean gone cause my pops he’s hot
Grab my blue backpack, my Walkman, grip my bicycle
Because I know my friends are waiting at the door
I’m feeling loose like you – Just fucking around and shit
Til that comes fifty-five I’m twenty-six”

~ DeftonesMinus Blindfold


9 thoughts on “Hip quote…Chino Moreno (Deftones – Minus Blindfold)

      • This just in…the Deftones are coming to my town (Norfolk, VA) on Wednesday March 13th. Tickets are $37.50 USD on the day of the show.

        And for some reason I felt like listening to the Deftones the other day, and heard that Hipster Quote that I posted, and now they’re coming. Wow! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?

        That’s part of that ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ I was talking about in an earlier post. You know “Plate of shrimp…”?


      • Are you going to go?
        Would love to see them but I think they just passed through town without letting me know.

        If you win the lottery you have to give me half, that’s the rule.


      • That appears to be a Canadian rule. I’ll check the books here in The States, but I’m pretty sure I won’t find anything. Now…I could throw you a few bucks to fancy up your website or something. Maybe pay for a ‘view of falls’ hotel suite for you and your family. Visit Buffalo. It’s nice.

        I don’t think I’ll be going to this show unless I am able to get on the guest-list. (Plus 1?) That’s a lot of cash to spend to see them. (Back in my day..you could see Black Sabbath for $5…) I have seen Deftones many times in the past. The first time was at a place in Va Beach called The Abyss and they opened for Korn. Orange 9mm also played. Chino still had dreads. This was back around ’94/’95 Great show. That place is gone now.


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