Happy New Year! It’s 2013!

PeeWees Happy New YearWow…finally home from a long trip down to Florida to tour all the hippest spots. It’s great to be home.

On the way…I stopped at South Of The Boarder to pick-up some fireworks.

“Ah…nothing compares to the smell of cheap plastic novelty items. Pranks, gags, and gross-out toys as far as the eye can see!”

SOBHipster w/firecracker

Some hipster kids ~ HipsterApproved.net

Some hipster kids ~ HipsterApproved.net

Ended up spending the night in a caboose in South Carolina….very hip.

KOA caboose

a Trolly is also available!

a Trolly is also available!

While in Florida, was able to check out some very cool ‘wakeboarding’ at a cable park.

Love to try this, but I'd probably break a hip.

Love to try this, but I’d probably break a hip.


Went out on a canoe in Blue Springs State Park and spotted an alligator…

Blue Spring State Park

We were also followed by a manatee that seemed to want to come home with us…

manateemanatee climbing on board

Oh yeah..also went to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg. Very cool!

YouTube.com of one of Dali’s films. Click to watch

Some hipster outside The Dali Museum.

Some hipster outside The Dali Museum.

Got this...
Got this…

Did a bunch of other stuff as well, like Legoland for the hipster kids, and toured Savannah, Georgia…but this post is getting too long.

...got this too!

…got this too!

Now to get back in the swing of reporting all the hip things from home….

Hope you had a great Holiday too. Thanks!


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