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Hipster Father’s Day gift ideas

Due to the great response from my Mother’s Day gift ideas post, I’ve decided to make some suggestions for Hipster Father’s out there…


I love these hipster socks (which are also hand-puppets) made by Volcom. I mix and match them when I wear them. I call the female ‘Left Eye’ when it’s on my left foot, and I call the male ones ‘Mr Right’ when it’s on my right foot!

Does this look like a brown paper bag to you? Well it’s not. It’s actually a ceramic container for all your household needs (I keep swizzle sticks in mine.). Sorry…don’t remember where I picked this up. Do a search for it…

Are you like me and hate those little ads car dealerships put on the back of cars without our permission? Well get that thing off and replace it with this hip Auto Icon!

What’s a hipster to due with his bottle of rum when it’s not in use? Why not have this pirate skeleton hold it for you? He won’t drink much. Again, you’re going to have to search this out yourself as well. Shouldn’t be hard to find…

Love garden gnomes? Love zombies? Well now you can have both. Search these out!

What do you do with your pot-scrubber when your not using it? Here’s a hip place to store it.

While in the kitchen…need something hip to stir stuff with? Here’s a couple of cool spatulas.

Sorry this picture is a bit out of focus. These are pretty cool ‘thumb’ tacks any Hipster Dad would love to have. You may have to buy these at a wax museum.

Hope you have a great Father’s Day!