Hip website…Drinkify.org

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Drinkify.org

DrinkifyI’m trying to come up with some obscure ‘indie’ bands to stump it, but it’s done a good job so far.  (I’m thinking too “mainstream”… Comment with a band you can request that it doesn’t know if you can think of one.)

skullcoffee_whiteOn a side note…Did you know Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy has his own coffee brand? It’s unfortunately out of stock right now at DragCity.com




Will Oldham in Jackass 3?

Just watched Jackass 3 on streaming Netflix. It was hilarious! Many laugh out loud moments.

I was really surprised to see the ultimate hipster Will Oldham taking part in one of the pranks. Will plays a small part of an animal trainer, but his gorilla goes wild and out of control.

If you are not familiar with Will Oldham, he is a awesome musician that performs under the name of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, but has been in a ton of other music projects. You should seriously listen to some of his recordings. He is one of the BEST! I think his vocals sound a lot like Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.