New on Netflix…Blank City

I have to give my seal of approval to the movie Blank City that has just been added to Netflix instant streaming. It is directed by Celine Danier.

Here’s what they have to say about the movie…

Filmmaker Celine Danhier directs this lively documentary that retraces the birth of the underground film movement in New York in the early 1980s, spurred by the work of artists like Richard Kern, Casandra Stark and John Waters. As part of what author and filmmaker Nick Zedd coined the Cinema of Transgression, these low-budget films were noted for being chock-full of explicit sex, gratuitous violence and dark humor.

I love this era of New York City. I have a few of the movies discussed in the film by Richard Kern and Nick Zedd, and they are awesome. I’m also a big fan of No Wave music, and Andy Warhol‘s Factory scene with the Velvet Underground, CBGBs, Lydia Lunch, Max’s Kansas City, Jean-Michel Basquiat and everything else from then…and it’s all discussed in this movie. I didn’t know Steve Buscemi had such a large role in it…

You must check it out…


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