Local News..Farmers Market is coming to Ocean View

Looks like the hipsters in Ocean View, Virginia will be able to grab their canvas bags and get some fresh, locally grown produce soon!

I got this email yesterday from Five Points Community Farm Market. These are the same people that put on the awesome Sustainable Living Fair at the ODU Webb Center a couple of weeks ago…

The Five Points Community Farm Market is partnering with the East Ocean View Community to provide a Farm Market satellite location in Ocean View! We are working out all the details as to start dates, hours, exact location and the season, but  plans are to have an outdoor market with a C.S.A. pick up for the folks in Ocean View! Are we crazy or what?! We are excited about getting good food to the good people in Ocean View neighborhoods. And yes, once the details are worked out, we will be pursuing all the appropriate licenses, permits and approvals required for those who may be wondering! More to come!

For those that are new to the whole neighborhood farmers market thing….C.S.A. stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. If you’re not familiar with that, check out what Christian Lander, author of the hilarious book Whiter Shades of Pale had to say about it here. Just substitute the word ‘hipster’ for when he says ‘white people’…OK?

It’s basically where a person pays an up-front fee to get fresh produce from local farms held for them each week at the farmers market. It’s also at a great savings if you were to go buy the items individually. And the items change with the seasons…

It’s a good thing.


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