Hipster Family Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving ~ HipsterApproved.net

Happy Thanksgiving ~ HipsterApproved.net


Hip quote…Wishbone – Clutch


For Thanksgiving we had ‘tatas, succotash, and rudebagas.
Then came turkey from the oven.
Broke the wishbone. Covenants were sealed and set.
On the losing end of a wishbone and I won’t pretend not to mind.                           – Clutch ( Fallon/Sult/Maines/Gaster)



Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are having a good one.

I found this funny as hell Hipster comic here-> http://hipsterhitler.com/comics/thanksgiving/ Check it out!

I also found this cool little article at Some Guy Daily News:

ANYWHERE—A group of obnoxious hipsters near you, which could be anywhere in the country at any given time, are unsure as to what the proper way is for them to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. The current consensus is to hedge their bets by getting together for a typical Thanksgiving meal but not being at all happy about it.

“We might watch some football, you know, ironically,” said insufferable hipster Brian “Bert” Aultman. “And cheer for the Dallas Yankees to… you know, um… score a home run from the 3-point line.”

The hipsters, all dressed like someone sneezed chewed-up milk-trodden Fruity Pebbles onto your glasses, are all planning to eat Oscar Meyer brand deli turkey instead of cooking a regular turkey as per Thanksgiving custom. “It’s just a more American celebration to do it this way, ultimately,” said Aultman while frowning into his $600 iPad 2. “You know, because it’s like… it’s an American holiday, and there’s nothing more Americanized than Oscar Meyer lunchmeat, so it’s like… oh nevermind, if I have to explain it you’ll never get it.”

“We can’t really afford a real turkey anyway since we’re all broke,” he continued while adjusting his $180 designer glasses, brushing off his $210 designer skinny jeans and tucking away the loan payments he just got in the mail that he owes for his $120,000 art school degree.

Also, one final thing…I came across a recent Hipster article at NPR.org Check it out here–> http://www.npr.org/2011/11/16/142387490/the-hipsterfication-of-america

Pretty interesting…what do you think?