Hipster band ‘Cake’ perform tonight in Norfolk 12-1-11

In local news…96X FM is hosting a concert tonight at the Ted at ODU.

Hipster bands Cake, Cage The Elephant, and Bush are performing. There are a few other bands I haven’t really heard of…and some I’ve only heard on SNL, like Foster The People. But I’m sure some Hipsters really like them…

Anyway tickets were hella expensive plus a service charge. Doors open at 5pm, so that’s in just a couple of hours. If I were going…I’d just show up at the door and see if anyone has any extra tickets they’d like to sell cheap instead of them loosing their money on. But that’s just me….

I can’t make it to this show, but if there’s anyone out there that goes and would like to be a contributor to HipsterApproved.net just let me know. Leave a comment or email me at info@hipsterapproved.net



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