Hip book review – Look At This F*cking Hipster

This book is excellent. From the beginning to the very last page. I literally was laughing out loud.(I know..sounds cliche, but true) It reminds me a bit of the feature in Vice magazine called DOs and Don’ts which I also recommend.

Not only are the pictures and captions hilarious, but the author Joe Mande makes some very interesting points in the chapters titled; What is a Hipster?, Celebrity Hipsters, Hipsters Through the Ages…and more! You can follow his blog, and submit photos here -> http://www.latfh.com

I will definitely be adding this to the ‘Required Reading’ section for hipster books.


Hip book review…The Overrated Book

Just got done reading this huge book Chunklet presents The Overrated Book. Took me a while. It says this book weighs two pounds! It’s about 205 pages. This book is hilarious and not only would hipsters like this, but also rockers, punks, emos, as well as film geeks. Pretty much all music fans.

I’m not sure how I found out about this book, and I’ve never heard of the magazine, Chunklet, out of Athens, Georgia until I found this book. From what I understand, this is a collection of stories that have appeared in the magazine in the past. So it’s all new to me… And I plan on reading their other books as well.

The editor over at Chunklet is Henry H. Owings, and this book has a forward by Patton Oswalt.

When doing a search about this book, I came across these videos made by Henry that are awesome! They are about taking a group of Boy Scouts to the ‘hip SXSW Fest to obtain their ‘Rock ‘N Roll Merit Badge’. Check them out…


The audio in the 3rd video is messed up, but you still get the idea.

Local News..Farmers Market is coming to Ocean View

Looks like the hipsters in Ocean View, Virginia will be able to grab their canvas bags and get some fresh, locally grown produce soon!

I got this email yesterday from Five Points Community Farm Market. These are the same people that put on the awesome Sustainable Living Fair at the ODU Webb Center a couple of weeks ago…

The Five Points Community Farm Market is partnering with the East Ocean View Community to provide a Farm Market satellite location in Ocean View! We are working out all the details as to start dates, hours, exact location and the season, but  plans are to have an outdoor market with a C.S.A. pick up for the folks in Ocean View! Are we crazy or what?! We are excited about getting good food to the good people in Ocean View neighborhoods. And yes, once the details are worked out, we will be pursuing all the appropriate licenses, permits and approvals required for those who may be wondering! More to come!

For those that are new to the whole neighborhood farmers market thing….C.S.A. stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. If you’re not familiar with that, check out what Christian Lander, author of the hilarious book Whiter Shades of Pale had to say about it here. Just substitute the word ‘hipster’ for when he says ‘white people’…OK?

It’s basically where a person pays an up-front fee to get fresh produce from local farms held for them each week at the farmers market. It’s also at a great savings if you were to go buy the items individually. And the items change with the seasons…

It’s a good thing.

Hip Book Review…FUCK this book

Just got done checking out this awesome book called FUCK this book by Bodhi Oser published in 2005, but I only just found out about it. (I should get out more…) It is only photographs, no writing at all. And if you check out the website – FUCKthiswebsite.com you’ll see other submissions of photos very similar to what’s in this book. I think these are hilarious! And I love how they are street art.

It’s funny how we give so much power to a word. It’s pretty silly of people really. I recommend a movie called Fuck (2005) about the subject. I also recommend this YouTube video…it’s the best…

Book review…Hipster Haiku

Here’s what a Haiku is:

1. short Japanese poem: a form of Japanese poetry with 17 syllables in three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, often describing nature or a season
OK…now that everyone knows what that means…I just got done reading the book Hipster Haiku written by Siobhan Adcock.
I enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Hipsters.

Only problem is…it’s extremely short. There is only one Haiku per page, and Haiku are only three short lines each. That means most of the space on each page is blank! It does make the poems look nice though…

Here’s my go at one…

Writing Hipster poetry is hard

It’s important to be witty

Try in the ‘Comments’