New Soundgarden song free download on iTunes!

Great to be back at HipsterApproved World Headquarters in scenic Ocean View, Virginia.

Just completed a short visit to the hipster city of Columbus, Ohio. Watch for photos to be posted soon…like this one… mailbox had some cool stuff in it… For example the new Soundgarden song ‘Live To Rise‘ available as a FREE download on iTunes. All hipsters have iTunes, right? The song is great! It’s off of the Avengers soundtrack.

Speaking of iTunes…Jack White is providing streaming of his entire debut album Blunderbuss – free for a limited time. I’ve been listening to it, and I really look forward to getting a copy of my own on April 24th 2012! It’s some of his best work…And that statement is huge!

Also, speaking of great new music…I’ve been listening to a lot of the new Shins release Port of Morrow. It’s genius. I was lucky enough to get the 4-track acoustic EP because I got it at an independent record store (Birdland in Va Beach). I recommend trying to get it.

I really like the Broken Bells release. I basically like all the James Mercer stuff I can find.



Did you catch Jack White on SNL last night?

So were you able to watch Saturday Night Live last night to see Jack White perform songs from his forthcoming solo release ‘Blunderbuss’?

I think he was great! The first song he played was ‘Love Interruption’, the single that is currently available on iTunes. The song is an acoustic duet with Ruby Amanfu. Jack’s backing band was all female for this song.

The second song of the night was a rocker called ‘Sixteen Saltines’. This time Jack was on electric guitar with an all male backing band. At times his drummer would rock SO HARD that he had to stand up! You must check it out…

I would post the videos for the songs here, but NBC has some strict rules on copyrights and YouTube, so they are unavailable. I can only show you the hilarious promos for the show (Andy Samberg = comic genius), but you can see the two songs performed here at -> &

One more thing…next week, March 10th…musical guest The Shins! With guest host Jonah Hill. Sounds like a good one!

Jack White on SNL March 3rd!

Just got a message from Third Man Records letting me know that ultimate Hipster Jack White will be performing two songs from his new debut solo release called Blunberbuss on Saturday Night Live March 3rd. The first single ‘Love Interruption’ is available on iTunes now. The full release will be April 23rd.

Hipsters on TV…Jack White on ‘Pickers’

Is there anyone more Hip than Jack White? I don’t think so. From The White Stripes, to The Raconteurs, and also The Dead Weather. Jack is the best.

I have recently watched entire seasons of the reality show called American Pickers on Netflix. Love it. Problem is I don’t have cable so I can’t see recent episodes. Thank God for youtube. Or watch the full episode over at the History Channel.